Travel / Tour Questions

How do I make use of your services?

Our website offers some great services. You can book a tour, activity, accommodation and even your next flight ticket to Cape Town. We recommend that you follow the following steps in order to get the best out of the services on our website:

  1. Book your activity / tour (make sure if you will need to book your own accommodation)
  2. Book your accommodation (do this step only if accommodation is not included in your tour package)
  3. Search & book your flight to Cape Town

Please note that each services is provided by different partners. Therefore it is important to note that you might receive a number of booking confirmation emails in your inbox.

The reason why we have done it like this, is to let you be your own travel agent. No need to pay travel agent fees or sit with the hassle of travel agents not meeting their expectations.

Is these tours only available in Cape Town?

Basically, yes. Although some of the safari and full-day tours might take you beyond the borders of Cape Town, they all start in Cape Town.

Is the tourist guide registered with SATOUR?

Yes. All the tours are conducted by a tourist guide registered with SATOUR. The vehicles in which tourists will travel in is comfortable luxury coaches with air-conditioning.

What other languages can tours be conducted in?

The main languages is English, French, German and Spanish. There is also other language guides available for multilingual tours.

Are there special rates for children?

Yes. You can opt for special rates for children on request.

What is the booking times?

Bookings on can be made 24/7/365.

Is there self-drive tours available?

Yes. You can request a self-drive package as well as tailor-made tours, incentive group tours and conference packages.

What is the tour booking Terms and Conditions?

Click here to view our booking Terms and Conditions

Do you also offer flights to Cape Town?

Yes. You can visit our Flight Search page to search, compare and book flights to Cape Town from any destination in the world. Please note that all prices is in South African Rand.

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