How to Search, Compare & Book the Cheapest Flights to Cape Town from International Destinations

How to Search, Compare & Book the Cheapest Flights to Cape Town from International Destinations

Cape Town is home to Table Mountain, one of the world’s most spectacular wonders! The city is also a top tourist destination for a lot of international tourists. Located at the very tip of South Africa, Cape Town offers white sandy beaches, natural beauty and a culinary experience of a lifetime. Although flights to Cape Town are plentiful, you could end up paying quite a price for your flight ticket. Fortunately you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for your flight tickets; there are ways of paying less. After all who doesn’t love a good deal?

Unfortunately most people don’t realise that you can get cheap flight tickets or that you can in fact end up paying substantially more depending on your flight and or departure/return date. Instead of working smarter, many people simply pull out their credit cards, close their eyes and hope for the best.

To be fair, when it comes to flight prices it is always a gamble, as flight prices are constantly fluctuating. A number of factors such as economic climate, season, time of year and the flight demand schedule influences flight prices.  Granted there are certain times of the year when flight demands are low along with flight prices, the problem is determining which times and which flights these may be.

In our “on the go” society no one really has the time to sit and sift through countless websites for hours on end in order to get a few flight quotes (which may not even be the best prices available) This is where Flywise South Africa set themselves apart from the rest.

At Flywise you can search, compare and book the best and cheapest flights to Cape Town.

It is very easy to search for cheap flights around your departure and return dates on You can easily compare flight prices around your chosen departure & return dates.

How to compare flight prices around your flight dates

The first step is to enter your preferred flight details on Flywise’s website. As soon as you click the “FIND FLIGHTS” button, you will be taken to the results page.


The second step is to tick the “+/- 3 days” box above the flight results and hit the “SEARCH” button.


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A table flight prices and dates are presented to you. The “X” row displays dates ranging from 3 days prior to 3 after your preferred return date. The “Y” row displays dates ranging from 3 days prior to 3 days after your preferred departure date. The original depart and return date will be highlighted in blue.

The results shown will highlight the cheapest flights in green. This search option allows you to get the cheapest flights to Cape Town by either extending or decreasing your stay a day or two longer in South Africa. Once you have selected the best option to suit your needs, you can book your flight and you are good to go, it really is as easy as that.

Please Note: This option is only available for international destinations only and not local South African flights. Prices is in South African Rand’s and subject to the exchange rate.

If you want to take saving on flight tickets to the next level, try planning your trip in advance. Many airlines start selling flight ticket 320 days in advance. By monitoring your flight destination and the airlines offering flights to Cape Town you may end up getting a cheap flight in a low demand time period. Flywise South Africa has written a great blog post about the exact day to book the cheapest flight.

Don’t delay, visit Flywise South Africa today to search, compare and book cheap flights to Cape Town.


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